Friday | April 29, 2016

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BIG Mac Salad Bowl

Who  likes Big Macs? ME! Who likes wasting all their macros on a Big Mac? NOT ME! That’s why these

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OBARmuscle’s Guide to Alcohol

If you have more alcohol related questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. Also, in our private WLR

Hardcore Hottie Challenge
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Hardcore Hottie 10! Sign up Now!

LOOKING FOR A CHALLENGE?? Our 12 week Hardcore Hottie Challenge sells out every time! Find out why by joining volume 10!


Dear In N Out Burger,

My open letter to In N Out after seeing that Vani (Food Babe) Hari posted about their food. Dear In-N-Out

Assortment of spices for prepare tasty food over a bamboo mat

Spice Up Your Life

Find Your Flavor! Our challenge to you going into this week is this: Find out what spices and seasonings and

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A Look Inside of a Hardcore Hottie Challenge

A lot of people that have never joined our Hardcore Hottie Challenges want to know what all the fuss is

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Hardcore Hottie Volume 8 Winner!

Winner of the 8th Hardcore Hottie Challenge is …. Pam K.!!  She did an amazing job by staying consistent, really

Tricep Triset pic
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“How do you get the back of your arms not flabby?”

“How do you get the back of your arms not flabby?” Well that would be your triceps which is the

Featured Members

Hardcore Hotties Vol. 8 Finalist – Tanya

I have always been on the heavy side but things took a turn for the worst about 10 years ago

Featured Members

Hardcore Hotties Vol. 8 Finalist – Pam K.

My name is Pam and I am 42 years old. For so many years I ate for comfort and never